Vermont, Peru and Lithuania

April 16, 2008

Peruvian Opal/Lithuanian amber and mud

We are in the grips of a spectacular Vermont spring day today. The only snow left in the valleys is on the north side of sheds and barns. It is warm enough to sit outside on a bench in a T-shirt…with a flannel shirt at your side just in case.

Everyone is happy again.

I finished this gorgeous summer piece this morning with the shop door finally open. Whoopee! The Peruvian Opal teardrop beads are the color of the Carribbean…I think, though I’ve never been there myself.

I would have to miss ski season to go in the winter and that just wouldn’t be right.

The color of these beads is so incredible, everyone who sees them is captivated by their bright, minty color.

We met a family from Lima that was mining and cutting these beads and though we’ve seen other blue Opal from there this family had the best beads by far. We purchased some Pink Opal from them also and were charmed by this warm family business.

The unique cube Amber in this piece is from a Lithuanian company we have worked with before.

Like us, they work hard to carry only the best items and it shows year after year. This year on our trip to the Tucson gem shows we met a new member of their team. His name was Arvydas and when he saw my, I love climbing shirt, he became really excited and in impressive broken english began telling me of his climbing stories in Lithuania and the U.S.

I was anxious to see all the new Amber (relatively speaking of course as natural Amber is very old) this wonderful company had though I didn’t want to appear rude as Arvydas told his climbing tales. An avid outdoorsperson myself I tried hard to give Arvydas my attention, all the while sneaking peeks around him to see the beautiful Amber.

“Oh really, hhmmmm….cool, were you using technical gear?” I mused as I lifted feathery Amber strands that dripped like honey from my fingers.

The Amber cubes in this necklace were purchased that day and here they are combined with the Peruvian Opal for a union made in heaven! I think an angel will wear this soon….

When I got back from Tucson, true to his word, Arvydas had sent me many photos of his climbing adventures from around the world. A new friend.

It is one of the things I love so much about our work. The chain of connection I have with people.

We have direct contact with people all over the world that are mining and cutting gems. We get to hand pick the gems we think are the most unique, best quality and worthy of all the soul and labor we will pour into making something special for you.

So much more than a job…. like Vermont, it is a way of life.

Check back soon… we received a call today from a gentlemen mining and cutting a semi precious gemstone in Vermont that is fabulous. Jim will be sending us some samples soon.

Sandra and Bill


2 Responses to “Vermont, Peru and Lithuania”

  1. Teena said

    I so LOVE the photos of your pieces – they are always so vibrant-makes me want to reach out and touch them.
    I’ve been to your shop a few times, but it’s been awhile. Every time I’m there you’ve done something really cool; one time you had brought in birch limbs and hung trinkets(Christmas maybe?);another time you had just installed this ginormous antique display case the size of Kanasas. Anything new for 2008?

  2. Irena DePalma "Mermaid" said

    I have to agree with Tenna, the pictures of the pieces are so awesome that I become very excited about my next visit to Vermont and to my favorite store! I cannot wait to see the new gems that arrived from your trip to Tuscan and God willing, I will be able to treat myself to something special. I’ve told you several times but it’s worth repeating so let me say that everytime I purchase a new piece from your shop and wear it I feel so good. The jewelry is so special and unique that it makes me feel that way too. Thank you Owens family for putting so much love and thought into your jewelry – I know you are proud of your creations and I am ecstatic to wear them every day. Sandra I will see you in June – then maybe we can get a run in finally???

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